I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oregon. My research interests are mathematical statistical physics and number theory.

I teach in the Clark Honors College.

I am currently the President of United Academics of the University of Oregon. I was the President of the University Senate 2017-2018.

Recent posts

Field Extensions and Number Fields

Here I am storing various basic facts about Number Fields that are useful in other notes. I hope this becomes more complete as time goes on.

Mandala Gardens and the Fibonacci Sequence, Maya Ward

For my project I have created a mandala garden that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing according to mathematical principles, chiefly the Fibonacci sequence. The choice to use a mandala garden was a very intentional one. The mandala has often been regarded as one of the best representations of the intersection of math, aesthetics, and art.

untitled, Lauren Van Horn

My creative project is focused on documenting how the sun travels across the sky and how lighting changes throughout the day.