Most of my classes are administered on Canvas. If you are a current student, check there for class specific information including exam dates, office hours and assignment details.

My office is Deady 215M, on the mezzanine floor between the 2nd floor and top floor off the east stairwell.

If you are a previous student needing a letter of recommendation, please contact me. In my letters I try to provide an accurate assessment of your abilities as observed in class, office hours or other interactions. I generally provide information about your grade(s) and rank in courses I taught as well as comparisons to the mean student at your level. Letters for students of large classes are usually less specific in nature, and you should consider whether a short impersonal letter is sufficient for your purposes.

I have supervised a number of PhD and honors students. Hopefully the list below is complete (let me know if I forgot you, or if I have the date wrong!). If you are a former student and would like me to link to your current web page or email address, please let me know.

PhD Students

  • Gavin Armstrong, PhD 2018
  • Jonathan (Nate) Wells, current
  • Joe Webster, current
  • Nathan Hunter, pre-candidacy
  • Christopher Shum, PhD 2014

Honors Students

Clark Honors College

  • Seth Temple, 2018
  • Graham Simon, 2016
  • Zach Chalmers, 2015
  • Ryo Moore, 2014

Departmental Honors

  • Vincent Mateus, current
  • Ben Estevez, 2018
  • Dong Ruh, 2016