My project aims to construct what my peers find to be  the most aesthetically ideal face compiled from a pre-selected group of facial features and characteristics. In order to conduct this project I had to assemble a survey for my peers, gather the results, and implement them into the project.

With my project I have had to take some concepts that would be best suited to a larger study and cater them to the size of our class. Facial features are generally difficult to confine to defining categories, so instead of asking which type of nose (for example) my classmates found most aesthetically pleasing, I provided examples. I tried to make the examples as varied as possible. I also took my examples from people who are generally predetermined to have more aesthetically pleasing features: actresses and models. This choice was also made in order to ensure an easier completion of the project on my part, as with celebrities I can find many photos of them with different angles of the facial feature so that it is easier to understand and draw it. I decided that all the features should come from the same gender for a more coherent facial structure. If I were to have included a mix of genders I would have had to determine what gender the final grouping of features would have, and I did not feel comfortable determining that based purely off appearances.

As for gathering the data, I found all the images I would use as examples of each facial feature and compiled them into an accessible multiple choice survey which was then sent out to my peers. This way, the results could be relayed to me in a statistical format, from which I could gather which facial features were most commonly agreed upon as the most aesthetically pleasing. I decided to choose the mode to determine which features I would use, as that represented the largest consensus by my peers. 

The results of my survey are as follows: 

  • The preferred nose was option B, Zazie Beetz’s, with a majority of 56.3%
  • The preferred eyes were option C, Janelle Monae’s, with a majority of 31.3%
  • The preferred mouth was option C, Naomi Scott’s, with a majority of 56.3%
  • The preferred face shape was oval, with a majority of 37.5%
  • The preferred hair texture was wavy, with a majority of 62.5%
  • The preferred hair length was medium, with a majority of 62.5%

If I were to conduct this survey again, I would primarily look for a larger sample size. I got sixteen responses on this survey, which is almost the entire class, but is still not nearly enough to eliminate bias. Another thing I would likely change would be the selection of the examples of facial features for this project. The best way to do this would be to show only the features intended for use so the participants would not let their personal beliefs about the celebrity influence their decision. It would also be better if the examples did not come from celebrities, but I chose to do this to make the execution of the project easier, as stated above. Since I did choose celebrities, my own bias is incredibly present in this project. I chose celebrities that I could think of and also like. Thus, this project would more accurately represent which of Emily Colson’s preferred celebrities’ facial features does this class prefer. Overall, though, I believe I did the best I could with the constraints that I had.

As for the execution of the project itself, I only had a few difficulties. I love to draw, and I especially love to draw people, so this project seemed the logical choice to play into what I enjoy. I originally planned to draw this project digitally, but as I went through the process of it I was unsure of the results. I tried both traditional and digital drawings and ended up sticking with the digital because the tools allowed for a more symmetrical face.

In conclusion, this project has been a great test of both my mathematical and drawing skills. It was invigorating to create a survey and compile data; it is incredibly rewarding to see results. It was also a nice change of pace to draw for my homework instead of typical homework tasks. Overall I am happy with the results of this project.


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