untitled, Lauren Van Horn

My creative project is focused on documenting how the sun travels across the sky and how lighting changes throughout the day.

The Path of a Frisbee, Carmen Resnick

The project I will conduct will observe the path taken by a frisbee in flight from a “backhand huck.” There are two facets to my project, the aesthetics of the…

untitled, Laurel O’Brien

For this creative project, the main concept was to take an interesting 3-D shape drawn in 2-D, and change it by applying to it the idea of limits and to…

Lucas, Meagan McCoy

Puzzle piece trees
in sunlight through their leaves
seem at home among bumblebees.

Warped Perspective, Amelia Hamerlynck

I attempted to pay tribute to both art movements with my fake album cover photographs. And, of course, harkening back to Wood’s original intent, fisheye lens photos of my dog’s…

untitled, Stella Feuerborn

For my project, I chose to depict 5 common graphs through photography with environmental elements and the human body.

untitled, Emily Colson

My project aims to construct what my peers find to be the most aesthetically ideal face compiled from a pre-selected group of facial features and characteristics.

untitled, Olivia Banks, 2020

My creative project is a somewhat abstract exploration of how the idea of ​recursion​ can be explored through an artistic lens.


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